AAPL CPE Valuation Range


See main Valuation Charts page for explanation of CPE and other definitions, and links to other charts.  Chart shows the high and low CPE over the short and intermediate term.  These levels indicate the expected valuation trading range.

  One Response to “AAPL CPE Valuation Range”

  1. I believe we should base expectations on the recent (1 to 2 year) reality only for valuation range expectations. Refer to my P/E Range chart for a longer timeframe view of TTM P/E ranges by quarter going back several years. AAPL will indeed break below or above the valuation range at some point, based on longer timeframe valuation changes. For example when AAPL growth changes, or when the broader market changes its valuation model during economic cycles (e.g. low S&P 500 P/E’s during financial crisis, and high P/E’sduring boom times).